Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ready Go :)

Don't you ever stop :)

kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa KAT-TUN :) Lovin' them most especially KAMENASHI KAZUYA! :)

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge Live Action :")

Kyaaaaaaaaa ^____________^ there's a live action of one of my favorite anime :)) wee ^^ i wanna watch it when i have time :) i will i will ;p *daydreams* HAHAHAH :))

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Boyfriend :)

"im so ready give it to me" HAHAHAH >:)))))

For your entertainment.

Let's put something AMERICAN now ^^

*LSS mode. ♥

Like the beginning .


Like the first time ;p

Bo peep Bo peep ;]

What a girl wants :)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Otanjobi omedetou :)


Saturday, February 13, 2010

No strings attached :)

whata day :)) i had a lot of experience today ;p as what my Facebook status say "Just got home from an unexpected experiences in Sucat (kabihasnan and SM Sucat) :]] hope i get to pass the final interview in Simplicio on Tuesday :)" haha what really happened today, was first in the morning i do woke up early 5:45 am but then i sleep again and woke up AGAIN at 6:10 am, i had to wake up early for the interview, but as usual i haven't HAHA :)) that's ME! i know that i am NOT punctual LOL :)) the meeting time @ 711 was 8am but that time, i was still on the tricycle going to Malacañang Village ;p teehee. so nice of me LOL :) then after that, i saw my friend Lalane already waiting for me, we get to see alot of peculiar people while waiting for Jester and Arlene nyaha! we even gossip LOL :P coz' there was a group of men wearing coat and ties, HAHA! unusual sight on the morning. then after we get to meet each other, we hurried up to kabihasnan-- on board on a jeepney ^^ then we got at last on Mcdo Kabihasnan branch ;p while waiting for Ate Nika we were laughing, stare and laugh again :) we love to LAUGH since we have a joker named Jester ;) after 30 minutes of waiting ate nika came at last :D weeee. were off to headquarters already, we get there feeling very nervous. LMAO :)) we signed alot of papers. :0 i suppose to tell all the interviewers that i am already seventeen when still i am not but anyway I WILL BE my birthday is near! YAY :)) *it's on 15th of february* anyways, after doing all the things that must be done there we get on board on a jeepney going to SM SUCAT, we went first to the comfort room to retouch ^^ then we went to eat lunch at PAO TSIN @ hypermart, drink @ a drinking station nearby for free ;p WE LOVE FREE THINGS :))) hahaha xDD after that we went to the other building to stroll, LOL i remember when going there we were laughing very hard because Jester was joking around :p teehee. it was really fun but not easy to tell ;p nyaha! anyways, we got back to building A to buy a junkfood (PIC A flavored bque) then we went back to eat it on foodcourt, we were laughing while eating it, then UNEXPECTEDLY a strange man talked to us, asking if we where we Study, so we told him in PUP taguig, and he replied "it's very far here" after that he asked again what we did, we replied " we apply for a summer job nearby" then suddenly he said " NO STRINGS ATTACHED, and eat" then after that he gave us money Ö Oh my GEE! *omg*

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My film Review on DEKADA 70s by Lualhati Bautista


Title of the movie: Dekada 70s

Film Company: Star Cinema

The Director: Chito S. Roño

Scriptwriter: Lualhati Bautista

Major Characters:

Amanda Bartolome (Vilma Santos)
She is the caring mother of five. And she questions herself if she really is a good mother to her sons. She wants to have a job but her husband doesn't let her have.

Julian Bartolome (Christopher de Leon)
- Supports his eldest son's efforts to rail against the government while simultaneously refusing to overlook Amanda's wish to find a job. .He doesn’t express his feelings very well.

Jules Bartolome (Piolo Pascual)
- He is the eldest son of Amanda. One of the highest in rank in NPA.

Isagani Bartolome (Carlos Agassi)
- Is the second son who oppose to the idea of his eldest brother. And is in the US navy.

Emmanuel Bartolome (Marvin Agustin)
- Is the third son. He writes illegal political exposes.

Jason Bartolome (Danilo Barrios)
- Fell victim to a corrupt police department. And he loves rock and roll music.


Dekada 70 is a bittersweet tale of love in the face of hate, hope in the face oppression, and new life in the midst of death. It stars a middle class Filipino Family who became aware of the political policies that have in the end let to tyranny and a state of martial law. It merely focuses on how the family of Bartolome correlates with each other in times of problems like this. Set in the 70's, urban Metro Manila, Amanda Bartolome is a middle-class mother of five young men. Amanda acts as a supposed symbolism of detachment. First of all, she was a mother, a housewife. Such were not considered integral parts of society during those times. She was not the breadwinner. She did not experience the foremost effects of the decline of the Philippines economy back then. She is thinking of how she would raise her child in the world with no assurance. Her examination of her oft-unappreciated role in modern society, and how she struggles to find for herself a sense of purpose and identity while suffering through the very pit of the nation's disintegration. It is a story of a mother and her family, how society around her affects her family. It is a tale of she becomes torn between the letter of the law or her responsibility as a mother. Amanda and the father, Julian, had suspicions of their son's inclination to become an anti-Government winger when they found copies of rebellious pamphlets lying around the house. It was when they confronted their son with it that he told them of his decision


a. Musical Score:

- The theme song was great “Hanggang” by Wency Cornejo. The sound effects were genuine. They made it very realistic.

b. Cinematography:

- The Cinematography is sensible because they really make it a point that all must be in coordination. Things like the style of the hair, the fashion of that decade and the feeling of the 70s are there.

c. Screenplay:

- The screenplay was effective as a movie because for the actors and actresses they made the scene very well. It was for me a Realistic Film.

d. Performance:

- The performance is effective. It made me feel the real essence of the story to make the Filipino realize the true meaning of Nationalism.

e. Rating for the Film:

- I’ll rate it with 4 stars because even though I’m not fond of watching regime genres movies, I still enjoyed watching it.

mood for kpop :)

Kiss the rain by Yiruma

A highly recommended song or instrumental piece whatever it is :) coz it made me feel relaxed! :)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Life is cool :)

so cool. Pictures, Images and Photos

i now realized that i have to STUDY and work very hard! thanks to all the people who have helped me :) Life is indeed SIMPLE but not EASY. loving that quote ^^


i must be a goal minded person now ^^ teehee ;p LORENA MUST FINISH HER STUDIES :p


Happy birthday kuya arvin :)


Boys like girls :)

BE HAPPY ^___________________^

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Thursday, February 4, 2010



teehee ;p i really love her LMAO :)


SNSD :">

2am : ]

i really love eun yun hye :)