Saturday, February 13, 2010

No strings attached :)

whata day :)) i had a lot of experience today ;p as what my Facebook status say "Just got home from an unexpected experiences in Sucat (kabihasnan and SM Sucat) :]] hope i get to pass the final interview in Simplicio on Tuesday :)" haha what really happened today, was first in the morning i do woke up early 5:45 am but then i sleep again and woke up AGAIN at 6:10 am, i had to wake up early for the interview, but as usual i haven't HAHA :)) that's ME! i know that i am NOT punctual LOL :)) the meeting time @ 711 was 8am but that time, i was still on the tricycle going to Malacañang Village ;p teehee. so nice of me LOL :) then after that, i saw my friend Lalane already waiting for me, we get to see alot of peculiar people while waiting for Jester and Arlene nyaha! we even gossip LOL :P coz' there was a group of men wearing coat and ties, HAHA! unusual sight on the morning. then after we get to meet each other, we hurried up to kabihasnan-- on board on a jeepney ^^ then we got at last on Mcdo Kabihasnan branch ;p while waiting for Ate Nika we were laughing, stare and laugh again :) we love to LAUGH since we have a joker named Jester ;) after 30 minutes of waiting ate nika came at last :D weeee. were off to headquarters already, we get there feeling very nervous. LMAO :)) we signed alot of papers. :0 i suppose to tell all the interviewers that i am already seventeen when still i am not but anyway I WILL BE my birthday is near! YAY :)) *it's on 15th of february* anyways, after doing all the things that must be done there we get on board on a jeepney going to SM SUCAT, we went first to the comfort room to retouch ^^ then we went to eat lunch at PAO TSIN @ hypermart, drink @ a drinking station nearby for free ;p WE LOVE FREE THINGS :))) hahaha xDD after that we went to the other building to stroll, LOL i remember when going there we were laughing very hard because Jester was joking around :p teehee. it was really fun but not easy to tell ;p nyaha! anyways, we got back to building A to buy a junkfood (PIC A flavored bque) then we went back to eat it on foodcourt, we were laughing while eating it, then UNEXPECTEDLY a strange man talked to us, asking if we where we Study, so we told him in PUP taguig, and he replied "it's very far here" after that he asked again what we did, we replied " we apply for a summer job nearby" then suddenly he said " NO STRINGS ATTACHED, and eat" then after that he gave us money Ö Oh my GEE! *omg*

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