Wednesday, November 10, 2010


my blog is already moved here Peachberry is LOVE ♥ :D due to some circumstances =) please do follow me if you have one ^^ i'll be very nice and warm there LOLS! :D have a nice day! :)

Lotsa love and kisses.

-- Lorena.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

melanchlies last night O_O

how am i suppose to start this? i dunno. but suddenly i just felt this gloomy feeling O_O weird feeling that you wanna cry without a reason. i even cried watching grey's anatomy. HAHA! weird isn't it? i dunno. i dunno why. maybe its on the hormones. LOL. ._. i'm currently watching my favorite channel, tvN, where i got to watch my favorite k-stars. i'm listening to "i need a girl by taeyang". i love it because GD and Dara are present in taeyang's MV :] anyways, i think i had this feeling because i found out something. something that i was not expecting. i know it's wrong to feel like this, but somehow, i feel betrayed. someone special to me sort of lied? i dunno if that's the right term. but i felt like it was. because she didn't tell me where she was. i thought all of a sudden that i could understand her. that she didn't tell me this because she doesnt want me to get hurt. but... i was expecting her to tell me everything because i don't keep secrets with her. but i think that's life. some people may not entrust something to you. because their thinking of you sake. i think i'm gonna be okay. tomorrow will be another day full of surprises. i'll be going to school tomorrow for pre-registration. good thing i have my enbee *that's what i call to my notebook, i prefer to quote it as my bestfriend*. because i get to spill the beans outta here :D good thing i can just type here what i wanna say, coz' i don't have any outlets now. nowhere to look for any companion to tell my melancholies about. it's just that sometimes you just cant tell anyody what you really feel, not because you don't know why, not because you don't trust them but because you can never really find the right words to make them understand you. oh yes! time for my favorite kpop song "better together by se7en". i really love upbeat songs. but i appreciate sad songs now too.. coz i want this -- kind of feeling, to be out of my body HAHA :p come back the old, cheery ME ;D i'm feeling good now, i was able (in a bit) to let out my feelings :D thank you my dear enbee :* hahaha. for the readers who patiently read this. THANK YOU! lotsa love and kisses. :* have a great day ahead. ^^,V

Saturday, October 23, 2010

What an unexpecting day :)

oh yes! i own my very first possession of laptop =)))) my God! i'm so happy today! thanks to my PAPA :) i am sooooooooooooooo speechless O_O

Friday, October 22, 2010

wandering thoughts. . .

 It’s really nice writing a blog especially when you want to express something, but you can’t tell anyone right at the moment because they’re not by your side. I’m wondering, do I have a problem with myself, coz’ you know what there was one people who told me that I was never satisfied. When I became friend with someone, I’ll stick to them and  … URGH! i still can't spill it :l

Debut Grand Celebration or "?"......

How would you celebrate your 18th birthday?  A grand celebration? Or would you agree to the practical way of celebrating it and that’s in exchange of a laptop and a small celebration? :) I’ve been thinking of it for weeks. And I need your help. I’m asking you this because I’m not the rich one :) I need to choose between the two. You’ll be a big help if you leave a comment ;p

Obsessed on MYTHS :D

And because I’ve been watching a lot of mythological series, i found my newest obsession, and that is… MYTHOLOGY :) when I was watching Sailormoon, I’ve been wondering what kind of man God are the planets J like Saturn, the Roman God of Farming.. And also in the movies Percy Jackson, he was a demi-god, meaning he’s the son of Athena * Greek God of Athens* and a human. I was curious of how that myths goes. It’s not that boring to read how it all began ;p and that is because my curiosity. I wanna read the book of Mythology by Edith Hamilton, so in case you’ll be very generous to give me a gift. A book of hers will be a big THANK YOU! HAHA :D

Couch Potato :)

I am a couch potato too, as in I just love to seat and watch movies :D when I registered as a member in video city, I got addicted in renting VCDs to their store. I love renting those romantic comedy and fantasy movies. The ones that I can remember that I’ve watched was The Last Song, Prince of Persia, Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, Clash of the Titans, Avatar and many more.. I just can’t remember them anymore because they’re too many. HAHA :D I love watching movies if only I have the money to watch all movies on the big screen, probably I would do that LOL XD but being practical, I’m only watching those that are my favorites just like my All-time Favorite, The Twilight Saga. :P I love watching them with my love ones ;)

currently on reading mode :)

I’m into reading too, my friend again, Riese, lent me his collection of W.I.T.C.H magazines.  I spent my free time reading it :) how I enjoy reading comics especially since it has romance ;p like any other girl can be, we want to have our ideal man be by our side. Even when villains get through us. HAHAHA. Am I being too pathetic? Maybe because I’m listening to a love song by Air Supply LOL XD anyways, back to what I am typing right now. I love reading books with pictures ha-ha because it’s not too boring to read right? Do you agree with me? You better agree with me or else I’ll SMASH you! Hahahaha just kiddin’ * evil grin*. 

anime anime anime :)

Hmm, ^_________^ aside from being addicted to kpop, I still have my otaku side. I’ve been watching Seira Mun (SAILOR MOON) for this whole semester :) I was able to finish all five seasons, thanks to my new friend, Riese, He was the one who lent me his DVDs of Seira Mun :) I noticed that Usagi and Me has some similarities, aside from the fact that I know personally that I’m a crybaby (coz’ I cry over something small, I just dunno why I end up crying in situations like that, maybe because that’s how I express my feelings) I’m also clumsy (HAHAHAHA! Admitted :) I get to be clumsy sometimes? I don’t think so, ha-ha... coz’ I think I was often like that) and she’s warm hearted :D not that I’m not being humble but I know that I am warm ;p because when I like a person, I always want to let him/her feel that I like being with him/her :p you’ll definitely see that when your with me ;) HAHA. So better be friends with me and get to know me well. But honestly, I wanna be like her.. Coz’ she’s very kind. She doesn’t see the darkness inside a person and she forgives someone easily. i want to imitate that kind of behavior towards others ;) and of course, how he captures the hearts of innocent men, even the villain gets to like and love her :D hahaha. What a charisma she has ;) anyways I’ve learned a lot from her. She’s the best example for being OPTIMISTIC! :D I know coz’ she’s the protagonist in the story that’s why she’s close to being perfect :D hahaha. 

i LOOOOOOOVE kpop :))

As of now, I’m into appreciating the world of Koreans :) like I was addicted to their music, the fact that I don’t know what they say, but hey! I still like it more especially with how they make their music, as I was a big fan of Arirang Tv and TvN  because they showcase k-entertainment. The one’s I LOVE the most are BIGBANG and 2ne1 from YG entertainment.  Drools over G-dragon, T.O.P and Taeyang! They are my favorite member in bigbang J and as for 2ne1 I LOVE DARA J she has a big impact on us, Filipinos, because she was a part of our showbiz industry J that’s why she’s close to our hearts. i don’t know why but whenever I get a chance to listen to kpop music they uplift my mood. HAHA. Kpop MAGIC! ;p

My first time to make a blog again :)

-          It’s been a long time since I have the time to let my thoughts be on my pc HAHAHA. J I’m always busy with school works, with my family, with my friends and with the things that has gotten my addiction J

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Black N' Jean CF

sukkie has another awesome MV i like it, I LOVE IT! ♥ HAHAHA *big GRIN*

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sorry Sorry 쏘리쏘리 (R&B Remix Ver.) - Super Junior in HQ

  • i like this one better than the other one... this one is peaceful... especially since i feel extremely tired..  
  • this song does strange things to me. hahaha this is too sexy. XDDD

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Tibetian Personality Test :)

1-st question. Priorities in your life:


2-nd question:

bestfriend implies your own personality.
sophisticated implies personality of your partner.
enemy implies the personality of your enemies
yummy- It is how you interpret sex.
green implies your own life.

3-rd question:

maan - Someone you will never forget.
honey - Someone you consider your true friend.
kate - Someone that you really love.
nelle - Your twin soul.
alou - Someone that you will remember for the rest of your life.

that's the result i got ^^,V 

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Anything Jang Keun Suk :">

my gaaaaaaad i found a new obsession again LOLS XDDDD i sooooooooo love sukkie! everything sukkie's :D:D:D i love this commercial he made from samsung YEPP.. i want that cellphone too x'3 teehee ;p

Jang Geun Suk - Just Drag


Jang Geun Suk 「Toucholic (Yepptic & Haptic Love)」

Thursday, April 22, 2010

You're Beautiful OSTs

jang Geun Suk - Without Words

What Should I Do - Jung Geun Suk

As Ever / Still (Lee Hongki)


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Down from heaven :)

i sooooooooo love YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL KDRAMA now, hahaha :)) as usual it's my new addiction now, if only humans don't need to sleep PUAHAHA :) i'll definitely wont just to finish watching the drama LOL :) hehe ^^ JANG GEUN SUK is love :p He's mine ^^ NYAHAHA :D :D :D nice drama ^&
i soooo love the you're beautiful k-drama :) gorgeous cast, intriguing plot, substantial acting. what's not to love? :)) this song is one of my favorites in the drama :p

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wishing for a Change

I am an Office Administration student in Polytechnic University of the Philippines and one of my major subjects is STENOGRAPHY, I know for myself that I am having a difficulty on the subject. But I am wishing for a change, that’d mean that I want to learn it again, for me to be ready for my second year this June 2010. I hope that someone could teach me the right curves for my shorthand. ANYONE WHO KNOW’s HOW TO WRITE IN SHORTHAND? LOL. :D if you do, contact me ;p HAHA ^^ just kidding. I know I must do it by myself, study the book :D I’m inspired by XQ :DDD LORN FIGHTING! xDDD 

ISWAK AND TKA invades my amygdala xD


-The Taiwanese series that was based on a Japanese manga ITAZURA NA KISS made me really get addicted, It Started with a Kiss and its sequel – They Kiss Again made me watch and rewatched it LOL :) I have been replaying it for weeks already LOL, and yet I still can’t get enough of Xiangqin and Zhishu’s love story ^^ I really loved it! XQ’s stupidity made my tummy aches because of her idiotic scenes LOL you can say that I love stupid girls now HAHA :) they make me laugh very hard, though I can’t laugh that much whenever I watch it because i’ll just disturb someone in the family HAHA :) I really really really love it super :DD at last for a very long time after BOF series I got addicted to an asian drama again :) for the fact that it is based on a manga, I also look forward to watch the anime HAHA :) their names were Naoki and kotoko. But tho’ I still love Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng ^^ they were way too good making the drama! FIVE THUMBS UP for them :) and Zhishu was way HOT when he’s jealous LOL :) and also I love their kissing scenes :p this series made me realize that even if your not a genius but If you really put an effort to what you do, you’ll definitely gain something ^^ I love XQ’s optimistic character <3 haha :) the common thing we have is we both like DAYDREAMING ahaha ;]] just like this quote “ My name would look good with your surname” hahah xD CHEEZY ^^ I heard they’ll be having the third sequel of the series, oh yes and I can’t seem to wait :) because on the third part, I heard that they will have a twins and XQ’s blindness will be cured by his genius husband, isn’t that exciting? HAHA :) and they’ll be having marital problems too x3 and I know after that problem they’ll be sweeter again ^^ I’m very excited to their team up again even though I have seen them on LOVE or BREAD, XQ and ZS love team is the BEST :]] and as for their OST, my favorites in ISWAK are say you love me (I love the beat and the rap part!) and come a little closer( this song is cute ahaha ;>) for TKA’s OST my most favorite is BE YOUR SUPERMAN (“let me be your Superman” weeeee :p loving that part LOL xD) this series really is a must see :p and when you click “best asian dramas in youtube, ISWAK and TKA definitely comes out ^^ I have been asking myself why I love this series maybe not just because I love ARJOE team up, but also the story it is very touching with a slice of life and a lot of comedy :) ahaha ;] I keep on searching for their bloopers haha, and I noticed joe cheng’s personality is different from what he portrays in the series. And both lin yi chen and him are a good singer plus jiro wang too, he’s a part of a boy group called Fahrenheit. It’s nice watching dramas outside the Philippine entertainment coz’ you get to know other countries cultures :D I think I was carried away when I wrote a blog about them, it’s just that I really am a big fan *big grin* I wish they continue their team up, there was this drama called extravagant challenge that was postponed due to the making of ISWAK’s sequel, the cast was supposed to be Jerry Yan and Ariel Lin with Joe Cheng, I am really looking forward for this drama too x3 I wish they’d still continue this :D okay, I’ve shared a lot. I’m looking forward of having an iswak friend and to be in a fanlisiting :D

Xiangqin and Zhishu FIGHTING! :DD

Super junior tour in the Philippines

- Kyaaaaaa. SUJU is in our country LOL :) if only I have the money to buy their tickets I would really hurry to buy those HAHA imma big fan :) tsk tsk I heard they’ll be on araneta coliseum this 10th of april. Haaaaayyyy :| I really wanna go :p but I know I can only witness their BISHIENESS on tv tsk tsk

Thursday, April 8, 2010

is making an SPA.

random things to do:
  • currently making my aunt's Special Power of Attorney Document ^^
  • looking for iswak fandubs *HAHAHA XD IMMA big fan ;p
  • is very confused how those "EDITING LAYOUT" works in blogger. URGH *big sigh*
  • is looking for any good kpop, jpop or tpop? LOL :)) any suggestions?

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

best asian drama :)

addicted to asian dramas now :) for a change LOL :)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

late post :)

this post was to be posted here last march 16th tsktsk. i wasnt able to make this one because i was busy LOL :) anyways. i'll post it then.
okay. mom scold me early in the morning : that was not good. what a day to start TSK. well, i was feeling sorry about it. though i couldn't stop myself from being LAZY. i still have a lot of work to do. i dunno why i'm like this, maybe because of what? i keep on telling myself that i should be more attentive but i keep on PROCRASTINATING. that's sooooooo mean :/ well, seriously from the bottom of my hypothalamus i want to CHANGE. why is this irony keeps on delaying it. i have a lot ofplans but some doesnt come true. always a plan but never doing it. well, i still have a Departmental Exam later 4pm @ PUP. that's why i was feeling guilty for not attending my bestfriend's birthday bash. it was to be celebrated at SM Makati but i could not come to the reason that i have this departmental exam that i have to attend to, well, actually i dunno what's the purpose of that exam but my finals is on it. i still have to work on my thesis in ENGL 1023. not yet done with the survey questionnaires and the acknowledgment. and yet i still have my FINALS on POSC 1013 tomorrow. wish me luck. i was supposed to pass it or else i'll FAIL. well, of course who wants to fail? No One right? as for me, I don't like too.. that's why i need to study very well :) i gotta go now. Lotsa love my dear bloggiie. coz pouring out my thoughts here? it helped :) HAHAHA xD i feel well already ^^ that's one of the advantages of blogging nyaha :)

Monday, March 29, 2010

March Happenings of myself

waaaaaa T^T my blog was out of line for a long time tsk tsk. meaner me :O LOLS. i was just really preoccupied with a lot if things. there are a lot pf things happened for this month, the hassle first week and second week of the month for making my finals requirements, for the third week it was the hagard week for me coz' it was the week full of examinations HAHAHAHA :)) tooooo good i'm done with it already. and for the fourth week, i celebrated sort of "farewell party" with my college friends at Calamba, Laguna. we went swimming there in SUN CITY and we were like very excited when we were planning the said outing, waking up @ 4am in the morning to organize my things. @ 5am i prepared my Baon and for 5:30 i hurriedly went to the tricycle station to go to Valley one because it is our meeting place. lotsa things happened, while waiting for our friends who were late we just stared at each other HAHA :) while standing in the green footbridge of muntinlupa :) LOL XD then when we are already complete we went to the bust station departing for calamba :) that's why the bus is CALAMBA MEGATRANS :) i'm just happy because i experienced commuting with my friends, kind of my first time to go to a province with friends not with family ^^ that's why. and now i'm suffering from a mild illness TSK TSK : my mom said i was overfatigue and i got tonsilitis for eating lotsa sweets tssssss. my head aches soooo much, dizzy dizzy X___________________________X i dont even have a good appetite. hahaha :) that's sooo not me coz' i love eating. for the days i was sick, all i did was to get ADDICTED TO ISWAK *it started with a kiss sequel -- THEY KISS AGAIN. i so love the actors mose especially the couple :) wee. they're so LOVEY DOVEY XDDD teehee ;p one of my most ever ever favorites :) Joe Cheng and Ariel Lin are soooooooooo cute when they're together ;p HAHAH xD that concludes my lovely march :)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Run Devil Run Kesha and SNSD

SNSD version ~ LIKE it!♥

same with kesha's version :))

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Baby by justin bieber

Baby baby baby ooooh :)) HAHA xD NEW LSS ;p

Sunday, March 14, 2010

[M/V] F.T. Island - I Hope (바래)

I found my new LOVE~♥ sarangheeeee ;p

BoA / BUMP BUMP! feat.VERBAL(m-flo)

Love it! i miss upbeat songs :) is this kpop or jpop? :))

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Working on my thesis ENGL 1023

HAHA :) i know i should be doing my thesis now. i went over here @ JamJam's house to type. LOL. she's my best friend in my new school now (Polytechnic University of the Philippines) well, i hate to admit but i am PROCRASTINATING again huhu T^T i hope i'll stop being one :( i know it doesnt help me. even now i'm worried about my MATH 113 i am hoping that i get to pass her subject. PLEASE HELP ME :] anyways. i've decided to write my blog again after i finish typing all the things that has to be done now hehe :) till later my dear bloggiie ;p

i like a new song now ^^ SOLO. by Iyaz. enjoy~♥

Friday, March 5, 2010

random funny peechure ^^

LOLS xD do you do it too? HAHA xD well, for me YES :)))))))

We are the world.

Lovin' 4-MINUTE.

*hot issue :))))))

* weeeeee I super love Muzik now ^^

To watch an unexpected anime scenes .

Junjo Romantica: Pure Romance (純情ロマンチカ Junjō Romanchika?, lit. "Pure-Hearted Romantica"), stylized as Junjo Romantica ~Pure Romance~, is a yaoi series by Shungiku Nakamura. It focuses on three story lines; the main couple, which comprises the bulk of the books, and two other male couples which provide ongoing side stories (Junjo Egoist and Junjo Terrorist). It has expanded into several cd-dramas, a manga series with a spin-off running in Asuka Ciel, a light novel series running in The Ruby with a spin-off and a 24-episode anime series. Nakamura-sensei states "Junjo Romantica" is her most prized series, and the one that made her famous around a considerably large amount of BL fans.


* i'm currently watching the anime version now, and for the very first time i have watched a YAOI anime. WTH? am i still normal? LOLS XDDD hmm.. though it features BL, the plot is nice ^^ teehee ;p hmm.. but i may say that this kind of anime is not suitable for kids. HEHEHE ^^ NO to Underage peeps yet :) later, you'll enjoy this when your mature already LOL :)) so does that mean i'm one? HAHA. i don't think so. though i admit i enjoyed watching :) teehee ♥

Thursday, March 4, 2010

My first post again .


tsk i admit i was very busy lately. how i missed writing here. tho' i always wrote my thoughts in my CP :) *thank you my lovely cellphone* LOL :)) i always put my bittersweet thoughts in my calendar. teehee ;p that's why always i dreamed of having our own internet connection @ my dear house. hehe. i hope we will have enough budget for that. i have a lot thoughts stored in my head. and sometimes its bursting out. awww. lately i've been happy then sad happy again and sad again. i know it's a cycle but i'm not used to this. now i realized i'm afraid of FAILING! tsk :| there was a time when i told my precious cousin that failing is natural, but now it's like making me a LOSER. i hate it :( i really do, plus the fact that there are a lot of people who expect a LOT from you. i know that they believe in me . that's why i was feeling happy but ... i cant do things all the time. i know that giving up is no the best solution for this. I DON'T WANNA GIVE UP TOO. waa i wanna cry yss. ( but lorena can't cry now, because she is in the internet cafe [HAHA. save it at home] LOL) it's like i'm talking to myself. haha. that's why if i really have the time to blog i will do it and of ofcourse if im in the mood writing one :) and if i do, i want to make it a point that's LONG :) coz' i only make it seldomly. anyways. what i have been shedding my tears now is the fact that i have a 50/50 situation in my MATH 113 (businnes math) i really find it hard, but i MUST be able to learn,study and most of all PASS it! right? :) in tagalog there's a saying (MAGSUNOG NG KILAY) hahahah :)) i must do it now ^^ it's not yet late. HOW I WISH :)

Monday, March 1, 2010

for the very first time ;]

show me what you mean boy
cause i could get used to this
obsessed with your sexiness
its you thats in my heart.
and i know what your tryin to do
your making me work for you
makin me fuss over you
i cant help if im in love.
and i know it that look in youreye my baby.
that u want me too.

for the very time ive got this strangest feeling
in my mind im thinking of what to do
for the very first time dont wanna lose this meaning
the best time i have is with you.

unashamed of showing my affection.
just spend a little time with you
stay up late on the phone to you
i cant believe what i feel inside
and i know it that look in your eye
my baby. that you want me too.

for the very time ive got this strangest feeling
in my mind im thinking of what to do
for the very first time i dont wanna lose this meaning the
best time i have is with you

for the very first time ive got the strangest
feeling in my mind im thinking of what to do
for the very first time dont wanna lose this meaning
the best time i have is with you

ive seen the tide written on the floor yah
youve got my hand if you ever really need it
anytime if you think youd fall
im with you im with you
dont really need a second invitation
give me something to look forward to
all i want is a little love nation to be with you
i got the strangest feeling dont wanna lose
this meaning baby baby
i feel so alive for the very first

for the very first time ive got the
strangest feelin in my mind im thinkin of
what to do for the very first time dont
wanna lose this meaning the best time i have
is with you

Your love is my drug ;]

Kesha - Your Love Is My Drug lyrics

Maybe I need some rehab
Or maybe just need some sleep
I got a sick obsession
I'm seeing it in my dreams
I'm looking down every alley
I'm making those desperate calls
I'm staying up all night hoping
Hitting my head against the wall

What you got boy is hard to find
I think about it all the time
I'm all strung out, my heart is fried
I just can't get you off my mind

Because your love your love your love is my drug
Your love your love your love
I said your love your love your love is my drug
Your love your love your love

Won't listen to any advice
Momma's telling me I should think twice
But left to my own devices
I'm addicted, it's a crisis

My friends think I've gone crazy
My judgments getting kinda hazy
My steeze is gonna be affected
If I keep it up like a lovesick crackhead

What you got boy is hard to find
I think about it all the time
I'm all strung out, my heart is fried
I just can't get you off my mind

Because your love your love your love is my drug
Your love your love your love
I said your love your love your love is my drug
Your love your love your love

I don't care what people say
The rush is worth the price I pay
I get so high when you're with me
But crash and crave you when you leave

Hey, so I gotta question
Do you wanna have a slumber party in my basement?
Do I make your heart beat like an 808 drum?
Is my love your drug?
Your drug, uh your drug
Uh your drug is my love, your drug

Because your love your love your love is my drug
Your love your love your love
I said your love your love your love is my drug
Your love your love your love

Hey... Hey...
Your love your love your love your love, is my drug
(Spoken) "I like your beard"

Lyrics | Kesha lyrics - Your Love Is My Drug lyrics

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ready Go :)

Don't you ever stop :)

kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa KAT-TUN :) Lovin' them most especially KAMENASHI KAZUYA! :)

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge Live Action :")

Kyaaaaaaaaa ^____________^ there's a live action of one of my favorite anime :)) wee ^^ i wanna watch it when i have time :) i will i will ;p *daydreams* HAHAHAH :))

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Boyfriend :)

"im so ready give it to me" HAHAHAH >:)))))

For your entertainment.

Let's put something AMERICAN now ^^

*LSS mode. ♥

Like the beginning .


Like the first time ;p

Bo peep Bo peep ;]

What a girl wants :)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Otanjobi omedetou :)


Saturday, February 13, 2010

No strings attached :)

whata day :)) i had a lot of experience today ;p as what my Facebook status say "Just got home from an unexpected experiences in Sucat (kabihasnan and SM Sucat) :]] hope i get to pass the final interview in Simplicio on Tuesday :)" haha what really happened today, was first in the morning i do woke up early 5:45 am but then i sleep again and woke up AGAIN at 6:10 am, i had to wake up early for the interview, but as usual i haven't HAHA :)) that's ME! i know that i am NOT punctual LOL :)) the meeting time @ 711 was 8am but that time, i was still on the tricycle going to Malacañang Village ;p teehee. so nice of me LOL :) then after that, i saw my friend Lalane already waiting for me, we get to see alot of peculiar people while waiting for Jester and Arlene nyaha! we even gossip LOL :P coz' there was a group of men wearing coat and ties, HAHA! unusual sight on the morning. then after we get to meet each other, we hurried up to kabihasnan-- on board on a jeepney ^^ then we got at last on Mcdo Kabihasnan branch ;p while waiting for Ate Nika we were laughing, stare and laugh again :) we love to LAUGH since we have a joker named Jester ;) after 30 minutes of waiting ate nika came at last :D weeee. were off to headquarters already, we get there feeling very nervous. LMAO :)) we signed alot of papers. :0 i suppose to tell all the interviewers that i am already seventeen when still i am not but anyway I WILL BE my birthday is near! YAY :)) *it's on 15th of february* anyways, after doing all the things that must be done there we get on board on a jeepney going to SM SUCAT, we went first to the comfort room to retouch ^^ then we went to eat lunch at PAO TSIN @ hypermart, drink @ a drinking station nearby for free ;p WE LOVE FREE THINGS :))) hahaha xDD after that we went to the other building to stroll, LOL i remember when going there we were laughing very hard because Jester was joking around :p teehee. it was really fun but not easy to tell ;p nyaha! anyways, we got back to building A to buy a junkfood (PIC A flavored bque) then we went back to eat it on foodcourt, we were laughing while eating it, then UNEXPECTEDLY a strange man talked to us, asking if we where we Study, so we told him in PUP taguig, and he replied "it's very far here" after that he asked again what we did, we replied " we apply for a summer job nearby" then suddenly he said " NO STRINGS ATTACHED, and eat" then after that he gave us money Ö Oh my GEE! *omg*

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My film Review on DEKADA 70s by Lualhati Bautista


Title of the movie: Dekada 70s

Film Company: Star Cinema

The Director: Chito S. Roño

Scriptwriter: Lualhati Bautista

Major Characters:

Amanda Bartolome (Vilma Santos)
She is the caring mother of five. And she questions herself if she really is a good mother to her sons. She wants to have a job but her husband doesn't let her have.

Julian Bartolome (Christopher de Leon)
- Supports his eldest son's efforts to rail against the government while simultaneously refusing to overlook Amanda's wish to find a job. .He doesn’t express his feelings very well.

Jules Bartolome (Piolo Pascual)
- He is the eldest son of Amanda. One of the highest in rank in NPA.

Isagani Bartolome (Carlos Agassi)
- Is the second son who oppose to the idea of his eldest brother. And is in the US navy.

Emmanuel Bartolome (Marvin Agustin)
- Is the third son. He writes illegal political exposes.

Jason Bartolome (Danilo Barrios)
- Fell victim to a corrupt police department. And he loves rock and roll music.


Dekada 70 is a bittersweet tale of love in the face of hate, hope in the face oppression, and new life in the midst of death. It stars a middle class Filipino Family who became aware of the political policies that have in the end let to tyranny and a state of martial law. It merely focuses on how the family of Bartolome correlates with each other in times of problems like this. Set in the 70's, urban Metro Manila, Amanda Bartolome is a middle-class mother of five young men. Amanda acts as a supposed symbolism of detachment. First of all, she was a mother, a housewife. Such were not considered integral parts of society during those times. She was not the breadwinner. She did not experience the foremost effects of the decline of the Philippines economy back then. She is thinking of how she would raise her child in the world with no assurance. Her examination of her oft-unappreciated role in modern society, and how she struggles to find for herself a sense of purpose and identity while suffering through the very pit of the nation's disintegration. It is a story of a mother and her family, how society around her affects her family. It is a tale of she becomes torn between the letter of the law or her responsibility as a mother. Amanda and the father, Julian, had suspicions of their son's inclination to become an anti-Government winger when they found copies of rebellious pamphlets lying around the house. It was when they confronted their son with it that he told them of his decision


a. Musical Score:

- The theme song was great “Hanggang” by Wency Cornejo. The sound effects were genuine. They made it very realistic.

b. Cinematography:

- The Cinematography is sensible because they really make it a point that all must be in coordination. Things like the style of the hair, the fashion of that decade and the feeling of the 70s are there.

c. Screenplay:

- The screenplay was effective as a movie because for the actors and actresses they made the scene very well. It was for me a Realistic Film.

d. Performance:

- The performance is effective. It made me feel the real essence of the story to make the Filipino realize the true meaning of Nationalism.

e. Rating for the Film:

- I’ll rate it with 4 stars because even though I’m not fond of watching regime genres movies, I still enjoyed watching it.

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Kiss the rain by Yiruma

A highly recommended song or instrumental piece whatever it is :) coz it made me feel relaxed! :)

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Life is cool :)

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i now realized that i have to STUDY and work very hard! thanks to all the people who have helped me :) Life is indeed SIMPLE but not EASY. loving that quote ^^


i must be a goal minded person now ^^ teehee ;p LORENA MUST FINISH HER STUDIES :p


Happy birthday kuya arvin :)


Boys like girls :)

BE HAPPY ^___________________^

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SNSD :">

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i really love eun yun hye :)


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helpless love

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I love You :)

random thoughts for this day.

i always daydream of the day i know how to customize my own page with those html codes thingy LOL :) hmm.. honestly, i envy people who know a lot in this field. how i wish someone could teach me :] teehee. maybe when i have my own lappy i can learn this. well, i hope sooo :D

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i decided for a new blog title :") teehee. EFFLORESCENCE means the state or a period of flowering. i sooo love cherry blossom or sakura so i look for an another term for "blossom" in a thesaurus and poooof this word came out. hmmm. what do you think to it? :)

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suki suki manga :)

i wanna read a manga as much as i want but reality is stopping me err, aside from the fact that i have a limited time online, it makes me dizzy reading it online whaha Ö i hope i hope time will come that i can finish a manga LMAO :) here's the manga i really wanna read, makes me curious of the storyline hehe :p


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A new addiction ;]

currently watching MY FAIR LADY :) with Eun yoon hye (one of my favorite korean artists) it's worth watching i say xD it's about a rich girl and her love story ^^,V

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a saturday with love :)

haha oh yes! i'm in a mood to talk blah blah now ;) LMAO xDD i missed blogging, typing in English as much as i can HAHA :)) tho' i know my English is very limited LOL :) i really wish to be fluent in our universal language :D teehee :) ♥

i have a lot of questions in life? haha :) i even think that life is unfair. you may think that i think too much ^^ hehe ;) i was just wondering of what purpose things have :) nyaha xD because as what i always say i do believe that every little or big things happen in our life means a lot ^^ hahah. WHATEVER :D

hmm.. i'm experiencing a lot of unusual things now. my tummy hurts a lot, constipated with bleeding, a feeling of dizziness, heartburn, a feeling that things move like they're not. err ;l i'm scared you know. i keep on researching if whether i have some kind of disease tho' i always hope that it is not malignant or something like that. haha :") i still want to LIVE! xD i still have a lot of things to do :) lmao. and i do believe that i'm still not finished with the purpose i have. hahah :) i'm just pouring out my feelings here :D don't get me wrong ^^ i know you wont teehee :P

i do wish for my own lappy ^^ i even get jealous with people who can afford that. i want to write my blog whenever i want. coz it's my virtual diary. actually, i do have a lot of diaries some of them are gifts :) tho i'm not used to writing what i want, instead typing does work for me :) hehe ^^,V

i love animes :) i love kpop,jpop and other songs with other languages :) hahah xD what would people think of me? weird? :) nyaha xD if that's what you think i'll be respecting that ^^ but i am me ;p

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