Tuesday, March 30, 2010

late post :)

this post was to be posted here last march 16th tsktsk. i wasnt able to make this one because i was busy LOL :) anyways. i'll post it then.
okay. mom scold me early in the morning : that was not good. what a day to start TSK. well, i was feeling sorry about it. though i couldn't stop myself from being LAZY. i still have a lot of work to do. i dunno why i'm like this, maybe because of what? i keep on telling myself that i should be more attentive but i keep on PROCRASTINATING. that's sooooooo mean :/ well, seriously from the bottom of my hypothalamus i want to CHANGE. why is this irony keeps on delaying it. i have a lot ofplans but some doesnt come true. always a plan but never doing it. well, i still have a Departmental Exam later 4pm @ PUP. that's why i was feeling guilty for not attending my bestfriend's birthday bash. it was to be celebrated at SM Makati but i could not come to the reason that i have this departmental exam that i have to attend to, well, actually i dunno what's the purpose of that exam but my finals is on it. i still have to work on my thesis in ENGL 1023. not yet done with the survey questionnaires and the acknowledgment. and yet i still have my FINALS on POSC 1013 tomorrow. wish me luck. i was supposed to pass it or else i'll FAIL. well, of course who wants to fail? No One right? as for me, I don't like too.. that's why i need to study very well :) i gotta go now. Lotsa love my dear bloggiie. coz pouring out my thoughts here? it helped :) HAHAHA xD i feel well already ^^ that's one of the advantages of blogging nyaha :)

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