Monday, March 29, 2010

March Happenings of myself

waaaaaa T^T my blog was out of line for a long time tsk tsk. meaner me :O LOLS. i was just really preoccupied with a lot if things. there are a lot pf things happened for this month, the hassle first week and second week of the month for making my finals requirements, for the third week it was the hagard week for me coz' it was the week full of examinations HAHAHAHA :)) tooooo good i'm done with it already. and for the fourth week, i celebrated sort of "farewell party" with my college friends at Calamba, Laguna. we went swimming there in SUN CITY and we were like very excited when we were planning the said outing, waking up @ 4am in the morning to organize my things. @ 5am i prepared my Baon and for 5:30 i hurriedly went to the tricycle station to go to Valley one because it is our meeting place. lotsa things happened, while waiting for our friends who were late we just stared at each other HAHA :) while standing in the green footbridge of muntinlupa :) LOL XD then when we are already complete we went to the bust station departing for calamba :) that's why the bus is CALAMBA MEGATRANS :) i'm just happy because i experienced commuting with my friends, kind of my first time to go to a province with friends not with family ^^ that's why. and now i'm suffering from a mild illness TSK TSK : my mom said i was overfatigue and i got tonsilitis for eating lotsa sweets tssssss. my head aches soooo much, dizzy dizzy X___________________________X i dont even have a good appetite. hahaha :) that's sooo not me coz' i love eating. for the days i was sick, all i did was to get ADDICTED TO ISWAK *it started with a kiss sequel -- THEY KISS AGAIN. i so love the actors mose especially the couple :) wee. they're so LOVEY DOVEY XDDD teehee ;p one of my most ever ever favorites :) Joe Cheng and Ariel Lin are soooooooooo cute when they're together ;p HAHAH xD that concludes my lovely march :)

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