Thursday, March 4, 2010

My first post again .


tsk i admit i was very busy lately. how i missed writing here. tho' i always wrote my thoughts in my CP :) *thank you my lovely cellphone* LOL :)) i always put my bittersweet thoughts in my calendar. teehee ;p that's why always i dreamed of having our own internet connection @ my dear house. hehe. i hope we will have enough budget for that. i have a lot thoughts stored in my head. and sometimes its bursting out. awww. lately i've been happy then sad happy again and sad again. i know it's a cycle but i'm not used to this. now i realized i'm afraid of FAILING! tsk :| there was a time when i told my precious cousin that failing is natural, but now it's like making me a LOSER. i hate it :( i really do, plus the fact that there are a lot of people who expect a LOT from you. i know that they believe in me . that's why i was feeling happy but ... i cant do things all the time. i know that giving up is no the best solution for this. I DON'T WANNA GIVE UP TOO. waa i wanna cry yss. ( but lorena can't cry now, because she is in the internet cafe [HAHA. save it at home] LOL) it's like i'm talking to myself. haha. that's why if i really have the time to blog i will do it and of ofcourse if im in the mood writing one :) and if i do, i want to make it a point that's LONG :) coz' i only make it seldomly. anyways. what i have been shedding my tears now is the fact that i have a 50/50 situation in my MATH 113 (businnes math) i really find it hard, but i MUST be able to learn,study and most of all PASS it! right? :) in tagalog there's a saying (MAGSUNOG NG KILAY) hahahah :)) i must do it now ^^ it's not yet late. HOW I WISH :)

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