Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Run Devil Run Kesha and SNSD

SNSD version ~ LIKE it!♥

same with kesha's version :))


  1. but who does the song actually belong to?

    ._. i really hope SM doesn't have to deal with another plagiarism lawsuit.

  2. they say the song belongs to SNSD originally. :)

  3. well kesha's version was the "guide" song because she was close to the composers, so she sang it so the composers could sell the song. and then SM bought it for SNSD.

    i like both versions, both of their voices sound good with the song :D
    but i might like kesha's version more because i never heard her voice like this! (& its english and i actually get it :P) it sounds good too! :D (her company didn't buy the song because they thought the song apparently didn't suit her voice -_-|||)

  4. the truth is sment buy the song of kesha's run devil run to be one of the single albums of snsd! so the song is really own of kesha!