Saturday, January 9, 2010

a saturday with love :)

haha oh yes! i'm in a mood to talk blah blah now ;) LMAO xDD i missed blogging, typing in English as much as i can HAHA :)) tho' i know my English is very limited LOL :) i really wish to be fluent in our universal language :D teehee :) ♥

i have a lot of questions in life? haha :) i even think that life is unfair. you may think that i think too much ^^ hehe ;) i was just wondering of what purpose things have :) nyaha xD because as what i always say i do believe that every little or big things happen in our life means a lot ^^ hahah. WHATEVER :D

hmm.. i'm experiencing a lot of unusual things now. my tummy hurts a lot, constipated with bleeding, a feeling of dizziness, heartburn, a feeling that things move like they're not. err ;l i'm scared you know. i keep on researching if whether i have some kind of disease tho' i always hope that it is not malignant or something like that. haha :") i still want to LIVE! xD i still have a lot of things to do :) lmao. and i do believe that i'm still not finished with the purpose i have. hahah :) i'm just pouring out my feelings here :D don't get me wrong ^^ i know you wont teehee :P

i do wish for my own lappy ^^ i even get jealous with people who can afford that. i want to write my blog whenever i want. coz it's my virtual diary. actually, i do have a lot of diaries some of them are gifts :) tho i'm not used to writing what i want, instead typing does work for me :) hehe ^^,V

i love animes :) i love kpop,jpop and other songs with other languages :) hahah xD what would people think of me? weird? :) nyaha xD if that's what you think i'll be respecting that ^^ but i am me ;p

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