Friday, January 8, 2010

what a day to start .

OMG?! what a day to start :l tsk tsk would you believe i got injured for being a STUPID walking in a foot bridge running :O HAHA x) oh well. that was it. oh yes! i slipped tsk :( it was a very embarrasing moment for me tho' no one helped me err ;l actually it's okay as long as people wont make face or even laugh about that incident. oh well move on my dear self HAHA :) i just conclude now. SPELL CLUMSINESS well that Lorena :)) harhar xD

let's start again :)
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teehee x)


  1. Ahhh~! that's why you twitted about, "spell clumsiness that's L.O.R.E.N.A" the other day.
    yeah sometimes its better off for poeple not to mind something embarassing than laughing at it *nods*
    The pain might be really stinggy but bear with it for a while it'll be gone soon. Get well soon Lorena! :)

  2. thanks for reading my blog sis :) that means a lot ^^ teehee :) oh well thanks a lot for everything. you seem to be like a "real sister" to me *hugs* heehee xD