Tuesday, October 26, 2010

melanchlies last night O_O

how am i suppose to start this? i dunno. but suddenly i just felt this gloomy feeling O_O weird feeling that you wanna cry without a reason. i even cried watching grey's anatomy. HAHA! weird isn't it? i dunno. i dunno why. maybe its on the hormones. LOL. ._. i'm currently watching my favorite channel, tvN, where i got to watch my favorite k-stars. i'm listening to "i need a girl by taeyang". i love it because GD and Dara are present in taeyang's MV :] anyways, i think i had this feeling because i found out something. something that i was not expecting. i know it's wrong to feel like this, but somehow, i feel betrayed. someone special to me sort of lied? i dunno if that's the right term. but i felt like it was. because she didn't tell me where she was. i thought all of a sudden that i could understand her. that she didn't tell me this because she doesnt want me to get hurt. but... i was expecting her to tell me everything because i don't keep secrets with her. but i think that's life. some people may not entrust something to you. because their thinking of you sake. i think i'm gonna be okay. tomorrow will be another day full of surprises. i'll be going to school tomorrow for pre-registration. good thing i have my enbee *that's what i call to my notebook, i prefer to quote it as my bestfriend*. because i get to spill the beans outta here :D good thing i can just type here what i wanna say, coz' i don't have any outlets now. nowhere to look for any companion to tell my melancholies about. it's just that sometimes you just cant tell anyody what you really feel, not because you don't know why, not because you don't trust them but because you can never really find the right words to make them understand you. oh yes! time for my favorite kpop song "better together by se7en". i really love upbeat songs. but i appreciate sad songs now too.. coz i want this -- kind of feeling, to be out of my body HAHA :p come back the old, cheery ME ;D i'm feeling good now, i was able (in a bit) to let out my feelings :D thank you my dear enbee :* hahaha. for the readers who patiently read this. THANK YOU! lotsa love and kisses. :* have a great day ahead. ^^,V

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  1. that's life.. better to be quiet than to share to friends what you feel bcoz sometimes it misinterpreted.. if your a kinda person don't want further explanation your doing right by simply expressing what you feel to your blog :))