Friday, October 22, 2010

anime anime anime :)

Hmm, ^_________^ aside from being addicted to kpop, I still have my otaku side. I’ve been watching Seira Mun (SAILOR MOON) for this whole semester :) I was able to finish all five seasons, thanks to my new friend, Riese, He was the one who lent me his DVDs of Seira Mun :) I noticed that Usagi and Me has some similarities, aside from the fact that I know personally that I’m a crybaby (coz’ I cry over something small, I just dunno why I end up crying in situations like that, maybe because that’s how I express my feelings) I’m also clumsy (HAHAHAHA! Admitted :) I get to be clumsy sometimes? I don’t think so, ha-ha... coz’ I think I was often like that) and she’s warm hearted :D not that I’m not being humble but I know that I am warm ;p because when I like a person, I always want to let him/her feel that I like being with him/her :p you’ll definitely see that when your with me ;) HAHA. So better be friends with me and get to know me well. But honestly, I wanna be like her.. Coz’ she’s very kind. She doesn’t see the darkness inside a person and she forgives someone easily. i want to imitate that kind of behavior towards others ;) and of course, how he captures the hearts of innocent men, even the villain gets to like and love her :D hahaha. What a charisma she has ;) anyways I’ve learned a lot from her. She’s the best example for being OPTIMISTIC! :D I know coz’ she’s the protagonist in the story that’s why she’s close to being perfect :D hahaha. 

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