Wednesday, April 14, 2010

ISWAK AND TKA invades my amygdala xD


-The Taiwanese series that was based on a Japanese manga ITAZURA NA KISS made me really get addicted, It Started with a Kiss and its sequel – They Kiss Again made me watch and rewatched it LOL :) I have been replaying it for weeks already LOL, and yet I still can’t get enough of Xiangqin and Zhishu’s love story ^^ I really loved it! XQ’s stupidity made my tummy aches because of her idiotic scenes LOL you can say that I love stupid girls now HAHA :) they make me laugh very hard, though I can’t laugh that much whenever I watch it because i’ll just disturb someone in the family HAHA :) I really really really love it super :DD at last for a very long time after BOF series I got addicted to an asian drama again :) for the fact that it is based on a manga, I also look forward to watch the anime HAHA :) their names were Naoki and kotoko. But tho’ I still love Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng ^^ they were way too good making the drama! FIVE THUMBS UP for them :) and Zhishu was way HOT when he’s jealous LOL :) and also I love their kissing scenes :p this series made me realize that even if your not a genius but If you really put an effort to what you do, you’ll definitely gain something ^^ I love XQ’s optimistic character <3 haha :) the common thing we have is we both like DAYDREAMING ahaha ;]] just like this quote “ My name would look good with your surname” hahah xD CHEEZY ^^ I heard they’ll be having the third sequel of the series, oh yes and I can’t seem to wait :) because on the third part, I heard that they will have a twins and XQ’s blindness will be cured by his genius husband, isn’t that exciting? HAHA :) and they’ll be having marital problems too x3 and I know after that problem they’ll be sweeter again ^^ I’m very excited to their team up again even though I have seen them on LOVE or BREAD, XQ and ZS love team is the BEST :]] and as for their OST, my favorites in ISWAK are say you love me (I love the beat and the rap part!) and come a little closer( this song is cute ahaha ;>) for TKA’s OST my most favorite is BE YOUR SUPERMAN (“let me be your Superman” weeeee :p loving that part LOL xD) this series really is a must see :p and when you click “best asian dramas in youtube, ISWAK and TKA definitely comes out ^^ I have been asking myself why I love this series maybe not just because I love ARJOE team up, but also the story it is very touching with a slice of life and a lot of comedy :) ahaha ;] I keep on searching for their bloopers haha, and I noticed joe cheng’s personality is different from what he portrays in the series. And both lin yi chen and him are a good singer plus jiro wang too, he’s a part of a boy group called Fahrenheit. It’s nice watching dramas outside the Philippine entertainment coz’ you get to know other countries cultures :D I think I was carried away when I wrote a blog about them, it’s just that I really am a big fan *big grin* I wish they continue their team up, there was this drama called extravagant challenge that was postponed due to the making of ISWAK’s sequel, the cast was supposed to be Jerry Yan and Ariel Lin with Joe Cheng, I am really looking forward for this drama too x3 I wish they’d still continue this :D okay, I’ve shared a lot. I’m looking forward of having an iswak friend and to be in a fanlisiting :D

Xiangqin and Zhishu FIGHTING! :DD

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