Sunday, December 6, 2009

At last i finally had to watch..

oye ._. so happy i got to watch FINALLY! my most awaited movie of the year :) teehee :P i was very excited to watch NEW MOON on big screen :P owmygawd! i fell inlove with jacob in the movie :) he's so DAMN sweet LMAO xDD hmm..

jacob black(: Pictures, Images and Photos

ooh lala xD i love his six packed abs LOL :D :D :D *shouts like a big fan girl* HAHAHA xD

aside from the story plot i love TEAM JACOB twilight Pictures, Images and Photos

here's embry's pic ^^ wuu loving him too ♥♥♥

Embry Call Pictures, Images and Photos

HAHAHAH xD i sooo love New moon :D

here's our pic ^^ i was with my bestfriends last december 2, 2oo9


we watched it in G4 (glorietta4 in makati)


i so love the experience ^^ i'm sooo looking forward to watch the next sequel: ECLIPSE.

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  1. hey, Nafisa here. I saw New Moon for the first time yesterday too! haha. I loved it a lot. I think I've switched to Team Jacob now. :D