Sunday, November 22, 2009

A blog from my imeem post :D

"No matter how many coins you throw into a fountain, or the number of fingers you cross, if its not meant to be, it simply wont happen.."

Hello Everyone. WELCOME TO MY PROFILE thanks for visiting my page^^ how sweet of you. well, i wont know you if you dont leave some comments here so if you do wanna be noticed by me leave me some comments.. by the way.. if your into sharing something, do it in my comment box, coz' i definitely dont open my shared inbox i just erased them.. lolz,xDDD thanks~♥♥♥


"Things in Life move with twists & turns, and they happen with valid reasons. So, if you doubt why something happens to you, stick to this:
"We can never learn to be brave & strong if the only thing in this world is joy. You always have people around you so that you don't have to fight alone."



"Someday everything will all make perfect sense. So for now, laugh at confusion, smile through tears, and keep reminding yourself that everything happens for a reason"

"Loving someone is one thing, being loved by someone is another thing but being loved by the person you love?... that's just about EVERYTHING.."

" A person is really special if she/he could bring out the sweetness in you no matter how unexpressive you are.."

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"everyone says love hurts,but thats not true. lonilness hurts. rejection hurts. losing someone hurts. envy hurts. everyone gets these things confused with love, but in reality, love is the only thing in this world that cover up all pain and makes someone feel wonderful again. love is the only thing in simplicity and mediocrity in us..
love is an act of acceptance. that with all our imperfections, we are accepted and loved.."
" No two people are exactly alike. because of these differences, love blooms and misunderstandings also begin.."
" No matter how plain and simple you are, there's someone who'll surely look at you as if you're the most perfect creature ever existed.."
Life's rules:[x] assume nothing.[x] expect little.[x] dO mOre.[x] need less.[x] smile often.[x] dream big.[x] laugh a lot.[x] pray always.[x] cry once in a while.
Weepee^________________^ blog time! wanna know what are my passions in life..?? then read all what will i type! LOL i'll give you an award if you read this^^ haha, i love lots of things. i'm a person that appreciates small or big things tha come in my life..THIS ARE THE THINGS I GENUINELY LOVE: - God . and i am not ashamed tO tell it!- my family. i love my mom,dad, and my brothers!. ('coz i'm the only daughter in the family)- honey jovero . my precious cousin in the whole universe! hahaxD- my bestfriends . cant live without them!. i super cherish them..most especially in real life..- my imeem account and imeem family . i love my profile and alos the imeem family and online friends i have..- [sakura and syaoran] . my most favorite anime couple ever![cagalli and athrun] . i'm such an asucaga fan tOO.. - tsubasa reservoir chronicle , tsubasa tokyo revalations, tsubasa movie: princess of the birdcage, tsubasa manga- I LOVE ALL THINGS ABOUT it! an addict as you can say! i love this series forever!- anime . my boredome antedote!. you know why..?? 'coz i'm an anime and manga enthusiast!- talk, talk and talk . haha i really love tO talk.. i'm such a talkative person, i love tO laugh! *remember -- laughter is the best madicine.. LOL xDDDD but I LOVE LISTENING tOO.. whether it be a sad experience or a happy one!. i'm all ears, you can share tO me your secrets..*mouth zipped!. i wont tell anybody that's a promise.. - music . wooh!. i really really love listening tO music.. in short i'm a music lover whether its pop, rnb, opm, jpop, kpop, senti, love songs, alternative rock and others. i will still listen tO it definitely.. hahaxD- romance and comedy , i love stories, movies and even anime with that kind of genre!. i love it when the couple have some romantic scenes tOO.. - reading . manga in particular, i love reading with pictures! haha! i also love reading short stories tOO! but i sometimes get lazy reading it tOO.. hehe^^ comics and magazines are the thing i read tOO..- food . i love eating! from appetizers -- main course up tO dessert! yummy yum yum! OISHI ne!- sunrise . i just love it.. dunno why^_^- daydreaming . i dO that whenever i'm bored and there's no law forbidding it! LOLxD- dancing . my first love!- dramas . whether its filipino made, korean, japanese, taiwanese, american, australian. i'll be watching it but it should have a good story though!- quotations . LOVE IT!- shopping . thats a girl thing you know.. haha^^ it relieves my stress away..- nature . i love flowers!. i wish tO see a cherry blossom or sakura flower!- chocolates . i have a sweet tooth.- computer . where it all started.. haha, without it i dont have an imeem account especially the imeem friends i treasure.. special thanks tO you minna san^^- procastinating .. LOL.. i just love tO say.. "i'll just dO it tommorow.. then after it.. i still wont dO it.. HAHA xD
welcome to my profile!. wee!.i'm a tru blue aquarian who loves a lot of things. but they say i'm kind of person who is naive about other things, so if i dont know what you are talking about.. i'm open to hear what its all about!. hehei love to meet new people.. but i can be shy tOo sometimes so if i dont approach you dont be mad.. i'm just shy.. but i'm really friendly.. hihiknowing that there's nobody else exactly like me in this whole universe makes me feel unique and special. and it really makes me happy and grateful knowing that i am always sorrounded by my woderful family and friends. i'm a fun loving person, and i really enjoy making other people happy by making them laugh. i feel alive whenever i got tO watch a good show especially if thats ANIME!. i'm super an anime lover though other people dont understand me and tell me that i'm weird!. but though it turned out to be like that i'm also thankful that i have friends who understands me.i love tO smile but i can be moody tOo!. argh!. stupid mood swings i have.. sOmetimes i'm super happy then after a moment i just felt like i wanna keep quietT_T hehe!. but i do really like to talk a lot.. and i'm knida sensitive!. awww!. i'm such a cry baby and i wanna change that attitude of mine coz i cry sometimes just over a little thing!. but thats me!. hehe..i super love people who loves me and sees my worth as a person.. ahaha^_-and i appreciate all the things they have done for me!> i hate those people who criticize how i run my life.. people who just say things that hurt me.. people who keep trying to put me down & tell bad things behind my back.. i absolutely hate them!. hmmm.. anyways.. i love to chat!!!!! sO.. just give me comment!> i'll reply for sure..and Ooh.. if you know any good animes out there feel free tO share it tO me.. i will be glad tO if yOu dO.. heeheexDthere: if you really into knowing me just leave me a comment!. dOnt worry i'll reply promise!. or just read my comments.. hihi~i wanna meet you!. drop some comments before you gO!. thanks!.

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