Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hot issue

cant think of a good title but i was listening to HOT ISSUE by 4MINUTE HAHAH xD so i made it as a title LMAO xD wee!! i made a lot of improvements now in my blog :) hahah ;]] so happy! :D i miss blogging huhu T.T i was sooo busy with school that's why i dont have enough time. tsk ;l i dont have classes every tuesday which i prefer to be my blogging time haha :D though sometimes we have a meeting or seminars that are not planned but has to my attendace :l tsk tsk. that's why i'm having a hard time bedgeting my time Lmao xDD but it's reality. FACE IT!! hahaha ;]]

Do you want to know more about my course? I am enrolled in Polytechnic University of the Philippines and taking Bachelor of Science in Office Administration. My major is legal transcription which is for short STENOGRAPHY hahah xD here's a pic of what we are studying. take a look:

shorthand Pictures, Images and Photos

quite arabic ain't it? but it's not. it is Stenography or Shorthand :DDD wanna know more about it? try looking it in google :D HAHAH xD wish me to be good in this field because reality speaking i am really having a hard time ;l wish me luck ^___________^

i wanna watch Kimi Ni todoke :D i miss kuronuma! hehe ;]]

hmm.. many of my friends know that i am but a big ANIME LOVER lmao xDD HAHAHA!!
i love anime Pictures, Images and Photos

i do love ANIME :D :D :D and i'm not ashamed of it! HAHA xD it's more like i feel it is my passion :) watching those doesnt mean your childish :p bleh! haha ;]]


  1. Hey, nice site you have here! Keep up the excellent work!

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  2. elow... im als0 an office ad student here in la salle and i just wanted 2 ask f u kn0w d website of PASOA? our school s planning to apply kasi and yet we dnt know d wbsite. i h0pe u can help me.