Friday, November 6, 2009

Sick ;l

waa! i wasn't able to attend my classes now :( huhuhu. i got sick. i dont have a fever or something. 7:00 in the morning my father woke me up to drink milk to help ease the pain. tho' i was irritated for being woke up early, i realized it was for my own sake too :'3 then, i went to Parañaque Doctors Hospital to have my stool exam. i still dunno what the results mean but i still have a scheduled check up later 12:30 pm so i'll be out before that time. Please do pray it's nothing serious :D well i believe it's not! HAHAH xD THINK POSITIVE :]]

I'm kind of busy even though i wasn't able to go to my university. hehe ;] you wouldn't imagine I'm sick LOL XDD i still have to go to another computer shop to print my Enrollment Voucher and to go to Land bank to pay my enrollment fee. hahah ;) and after that i have a party to go on to coz' just what i said yesterday, now is my LOLO's birthday. i wish i could all do that today :D hehe xD if i have enough strength :) right?

wee! i already have finished watching three episodes from KIMI NI TODOKE :) Kazehaya ♥ Sawako :]] LOL xD
i was moved because of my friends who are worried about my condition thanks alot! :D i lalalalalaLOVE yah ;p
hmm.. i have a big big big obsession now for kpopssss :D hahah ^^ if you do know one, update me :P

oooh my friend post this in facebook:


[click the picture to see FULL VIEW]
HAHAHAH xD I'm Über excited for NEW MOON :D :D :D


  1. Oooh... I love this equation! xD & its the 1st time i'm loving a mathematical calculation @.@

  2. haha thankies love that equation too :P