Monday, November 9, 2009

Monday Sickness

HAHAH :)) monday sickness it is when you are lazy to wake up early in the morning LOL :D wuu! :'3 glad that i was not late. wuu haha if you only know how punctual i was ;) LOL xDD good thing there was NO TRAFFIC :) love it! ♥_♥

gaaaaaad :X we didn't d
o anything today tsk tsk because it was our first day for the 2nd semester we just had some "orientation" thingy :O what i just did was to chitchat and chat and chat and talk and talk and talk to my friends hahah :) i do admit to myself that i'm noisy especially that i have a loud voice :P haha xD for about more than 10 hours that's what i did :O haha :]] then the last subject came in . . . Politics and Governance w/ Philippine Constitution.

wuu :x the teacher was.... how do i say it?? strict? terror? waa! i was soooo nervous that my heart was jumping HAHAH *using my metaphoric expression* LOL :)) but that's what just i felt a while ago tsk tsk ;l thanks to my friends i was able to answer him correctly ^^,V all we did too was to have a little know-me-and-you hahaha :) he was a lawyer :O and he was a graduate from our school. COOL! ♥_♥ hehehe ;]] good thing he dismissed us early i was able to make my blog now ^^,V but then next monday, he will start the lesson and conduct a graded recitation wuu DO WISH ME LUCK THEN haha :))

i went to see judy's blog and read her blog about her birthday and about my guy bestfriend "Matt" her blog was sooo touching :) i'm sooo proud of her. i was about to wipe my teary eyed while reading her blog. i can feel her sincerity in it :) i believe you JUDY! mwa :*

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