Sunday, November 1, 2009

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to all people who have helped me :D thank you so much! :) i myself wanna figure out how this works :D hahah :) okay let's start my very first post :D hmmm what can i say. yesterday all i did was to sleep, WHY? because there was no electricity tsk tsk how bad X__X hahaha :) luckily i have my cellphone with me. i just spend my free time texting ;P that was it. but then i was sooo happy that the electricity went back 7pm tho' its too late already nyaha xD it was still fine. :P whaha :) why am i speechless now. when i was outside i was thinking of what to write and i daydreamed alot! but now whaha xD i dont even know what to say! haha :P someday! i will know how to customize my own blog :) wee!! thanks alot to esther, chihaya and jairah for helping me out :) if you have facebook, friendster: just add me up

I am currently listening to BAD GIRL by BEAST! sugoi sugoi xD


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