Wednesday, November 4, 2009


i'm sleepy LOL XDDD

i'm watching KIMI NI TODOKE or Reaching you in english :) i love this manga because of kazehaya ^^,V nyaha :P he's such a good person and she has feeling for sawako too :'3 wee xD tho' sawako only knows that she's in love with a person who she cannot imagine being inlove with her too. but she didnt know that kaze kun has feelings for him too :D wee!! how sweet HAHAHA xDDD LOVE IT! ♥♥♥ TWO THUMBS UP! xD

oh yeah let's change topic. what did happen to me today? LOL XD this is a very tiring day maybe. because i assessed all the things needed for my enrollment, tho' only paying the miscellaneous fees :) it did cost alot already tsk tsk ;) but dont cha worry i am in a Public University so no worries for paying alot :D it doesnt cost too much like those who are in private ones :D i payed the things that must be payed for my school organization and payed the Chrnicler(that's our school's newspaper) and for the Central Student Council also. though i can say it was a tiring day, i had fun being with my college friends :D they were always there for me to support me :) most especially on STENOGRAPHY. i really am finding it hard in my major sunject and that is Shorthand :O hayyyy... but i'll take it as a BIG CHALLENGE HAHAH xD

gonna leave soon. hehe :) i want to sleep :] i woke up early a while ago :P same goes tomorrow. my first subject would be english ^^,V nyaha :P gonna be nosebleeding again tsk :O by the way, done watching the 1st episode of Kimi Ni Todoke :P i'll watch again next time :P *waves bye*

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