Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tuesday should be my rest day :x

kyaaaaaa Q____________Q i thought every tuesday of this semester i won't be attending any class. tsk tsk i was in my school a while ago to attend some seminar about disasters etcetera. and i was very sleepy in our gymnasium i was really bored O_O hahaha :)) i do wanna sleep there HAHAHA :) but there was the professor roaming around there :O so i kept my eyes wide open tsk tsk. but before it :) we spent our free time taking our pictures ^^,V


Me, Myself and I HAHAH [waddya think?]


Left: danica, jester,lalane,ME,grammar :D


Left to right: Grammar, ME, Jester and Lalane :)

They are my college friends we love kidding around HAHAH :)) we both are stuck in our course and plus our major which is Steno ;l tho' i find them as my inspirations as well..

Oh well after that, The school had an Earthquake Drill.. and we participated as well. ^___^


then we went to eat in Dampa like what we usually do :) and after that we went to landbank to pay our tuition fee there :) it's nice when you have friends with you right? :D heehee xD then we stroll around the mall :) i bought slippers and they bought foods to eat in the food court :D we spent hours chitchatting nonsense with everybody! hahah ;)

okay okay i'm sleepy again. i'll be blogging next time :D see ya! ♥♥♥

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