Friday, November 6, 2009

Poem made by Yuki :D

June 15

All those days, all gone by
Not seeing thee, face to face
Hoping one day, to thee I’d fly
All just to see, that bubbly face

So many days, all gone by
What have I got to say?
I miss you so much, am I about to cry?
Why do you make me feel this way?

Many Mondays, all gone by
With every passing one,
I long more for that smile
However, I am filled with sigh
But that warm smile is like the sun
It is sad; you live more than a mile
It is sad; more than a mile away
Why could we, together, not stay

And the other weekdays, all gone by
All these days, I never got to see you
Wondering, why did we have to say bye
Albeit, my heart, I knew

And the last days of the week, all gone by
To be together with you, I’d try
Many places I have been
Yet I still see you through a screen

6 months and 15 days, coming by
Centre of June, middle of every year
If you forget my name, you can call me yours
If I forget yours, can I call you mine?
As of now, the date draws nigh
I wish I could be there, or you be here
Perhaps one day we will be by those seashores
And perhaps this year, of years, shine.

If today
You feel gray
Then let me just say
Happy Birthday.

Keep up that warm smile! ^^

*yuki imy*

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