Tuesday, November 3, 2009


WEE xD at last bit by bit my blog is progressing nyaha :P

whaha :P pia left a message LOL :)) my purpose now to online was to print my SOG or summary of grades but all i did was to chat and chat in facebook. nyaha :P there were lots of people who was online and i was tempted to chat LOL :D but most especially because my best friend who was out of the country was online :D i missed her so much :(( i'm glad we had the chance to talk :P she's in Canada now. to be in specific in calgary :D hmm.. i hope she's doing well there :P hehe xD

oh well. i'm having a hard time printing my grades tsk tsk X_X what's the matter? why can't it fit? hayyyyy ._. school starts for real tomorrow,. waa!! new subjects for new semester :) LOL XD

here are my subjects:

OFAD 3053 Documents Production w/ Laboratory
OFAD 3063 Intermediate Shorthand
OFAD 3043 Introduction to Word Processing & Presentation
MATH 1133 Mathematics in Business
FILI 1023 Pagbasa at Pagsulat Tungo sa Pananaliksik
LITE 1013 Philippine Literature
POSC 1013 Politics & Governance w/ Philippine Constitution
ENGL 1023 Writing in the Discipline
CWTS 1023 Civic Welfare Training Service
PHED 1272 Individual/Dual/Combative Sports-Judo Karate

LOL :)) pretty shocking :P wahaha XD wish me luck! (Y)(Y)

okay i gotta go for now. thanks to CHIHAYA i got a twitter box here :P and to MIA for always there to help me out :P waa! i need to wake up early again starting tomorrow LOL :D

P.s Belated PIA!! xD mwatuups :*

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