Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Sudden Cold day

A plain cold day for me today :O The rain was pouring very hard and i cant help myself to wonder "if i did brought my jackets would i feel cold today" LOL XDD HAHAH xD i'm being dramatic. that's not ME :)) haha :P actually i think i am not well literally. huhuhu ;l it's such a surprise or it is very peculiar to see a blood on your stool right? i already had thrice :O i mean i'm not saying things disgustedly but it is the truth :( hmm.. My parents was thinking that it is ULCER :x waa! i'm scared. i hope its not truet just something mild *crossed fingers* heheh ;]]

i already saw and meet our professor in MATH IN BUSINESS which is one of my subjects this semester :P ooh i think she's a very strict professor though i'm looking forward to learn alot from her :D hmm.. haha xD NO CHEATING AND BEING NOISY ALLOWED! :]] i only have three subjects this day but since its the adjustment period for this semester we only spent an hour discussing things needed for the said curriculum.

Know what, i appreciate my mother and father because they did call me when i was still in PUP, it was my lunch time and they did check if i already ate my lunch and if i ate fatty foods. i really love my family. hehe ;]]

I made this blog because i know it will be useful in the near future :P hmm.. do you know that i have a BIG WEAKNESS, . . haha ;]] you'll find it weird but i'm scared of escalators LOL :D :D :D are you surprised? nyaha :P i am as i am :O bleh ;p i dont have any bad experiences with escalators but i dunno why i get scared when i see them especially when it is very high :x

i guess i'm a bit talkative now. it's so nice to have a blog where you can tell your thoughts HAHAH :p so glad i made one ^^,V so YOU READING THIS if you still dont have one. MAKE IT NOW! LOL ;]]

When i woke up a while ago, all i hear was christmas songs ;P i soooo love christmas season :D hehe ;]] i can really feel the christmas spirit :D but we still dont have our christmas tree on our house tsk ;l We are a bit busy to assemble it now. but i know we will be able to make it :D hehe ^^,V kind of a family bonding :D tomorrow is my grandfather's birthday :D wee!! HE IS ALREADY 91 YEARS OLD :P nice one neh? hehe :D


i gotta go now. ;] thanks for reading ME bloggiie xD

Lorena ♥ her family and friends.

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