Monday, November 2, 2009

I found it!

oye :D i found it! i found my chatbox HAHAHA :) success! wuu :P but my layout is still by blogger. tsk tsk. i still need your help :) hehehe Ü by the way. back to school on November 4, 2009. that'll be my first day in second semester. wonder what will be my subjects this time :) hehehe :p *curious eyes* whaha ^___^ waa! because of me being busy here, i havent seen my farm yet in facebook. LOL :)) but i like blogging more now :) i wanna learn how those codes work :P so to you all who are EXPERTS here.. I NEED YOUR HELP :P hehehe xD

@esther: how are you?
@chihaya: still need your help :)
@Mia: thanks for helping me out, tho' i still cant do it. nyaha xD i went doing it but i failed X_X tsk.
@ying: misyuuuu sis :P

To all: Good day and have a nice day God Bless ♥♥♥

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