Monday, November 30, 2009

At Bonifacio High Street




Chillin' with teddy in BHS :D love that place there were lots of handsome guys NYAHA :D :D :D

oye. we were there bcoz' i had a photoshoot for our group's magazine in school. it's our project. i have already blog that right? make sure you have read it so that you'll know what i meant right? LMAO. :) it was last saturday Nov. 28 'o9 we were waiting for the pyrolympic but the event was postponed good thing we were on the way home when they said that at least we were home safe :P hmm.. i'm so happy because other people are reading my blog ^^,V you know what i appreciate very much :) teehee :P you just dont know how happy i am :D thankiies. tho' i'm not feeling well now. i can't breath. i dunno why. there's something in the passageway that stops somethinh urgh i dunno what that is huhu T.T anyways, today its Bonifacio Day in the Philippines. and we dont have classes coz its a national holiday ^^,V it's a good thing coz' i can rest ^^ heehee :) i love the song HEY JULIET now XD wee ;]] "i just want you to know wanna be your romeo " NICE ONE XD

Sunday, November 22, 2009

New Moon Mania

I'm Über excited to watch NEW MOON on BiG SCREEN :]


A blog from my imeem post :D

"No matter how many coins you throw into a fountain, or the number of fingers you cross, if its not meant to be, it simply wont happen.."

Hello Everyone. WELCOME TO MY PROFILE thanks for visiting my page^^ how sweet of you. well, i wont know you if you dont leave some comments here so if you do wanna be noticed by me leave me some comments.. by the way.. if your into sharing something, do it in my comment box, coz' i definitely dont open my shared inbox i just erased them.. lolz,xDDD thanks~♥♥♥


"Things in Life move with twists & turns, and they happen with valid reasons. So, if you doubt why something happens to you, stick to this:
"We can never learn to be brave & strong if the only thing in this world is joy. You always have people around you so that you don't have to fight alone."



"Someday everything will all make perfect sense. So for now, laugh at confusion, smile through tears, and keep reminding yourself that everything happens for a reason"

"Loving someone is one thing, being loved by someone is another thing but being loved by the person you love?... that's just about EVERYTHING.."

" A person is really special if she/he could bring out the sweetness in you no matter how unexpressive you are.."

p.s: if you wanna chat with me. add me up in my YM/MSN.(coz' i'm more active here) :
"everyone says love hurts,but thats not true. lonilness hurts. rejection hurts. losing someone hurts. envy hurts. everyone gets these things confused with love, but in reality, love is the only thing in this world that cover up all pain and makes someone feel wonderful again. love is the only thing in simplicity and mediocrity in us..
love is an act of acceptance. that with all our imperfections, we are accepted and loved.."
" No two people are exactly alike. because of these differences, love blooms and misunderstandings also begin.."
" No matter how plain and simple you are, there's someone who'll surely look at you as if you're the most perfect creature ever existed.."
Life's rules:[x] assume nothing.[x] expect little.[x] dO mOre.[x] need less.[x] smile often.[x] dream big.[x] laugh a lot.[x] pray always.[x] cry once in a while.
Weepee^________________^ blog time! wanna know what are my passions in life..?? then read all what will i type! LOL i'll give you an award if you read this^^ haha, i love lots of things. i'm a person that appreciates small or big things tha come in my life..THIS ARE THE THINGS I GENUINELY LOVE: - God . and i am not ashamed tO tell it!- my family. i love my mom,dad, and my brothers!. ('coz i'm the only daughter in the family)- honey jovero . my precious cousin in the whole universe! hahaxD- my bestfriends . cant live without them!. i super cherish them..most especially in real life..- my imeem account and imeem family . i love my profile and alos the imeem family and online friends i have..- [sakura and syaoran] . my most favorite anime couple ever![cagalli and athrun] . i'm such an asucaga fan tOO.. - tsubasa reservoir chronicle , tsubasa tokyo revalations, tsubasa movie: princess of the birdcage, tsubasa manga- I LOVE ALL THINGS ABOUT it! an addict as you can say! i love this series forever!- anime . my boredome antedote!. you know why..?? 'coz i'm an anime and manga enthusiast!- talk, talk and talk . haha i really love tO talk.. i'm such a talkative person, i love tO laugh! *remember -- laughter is the best madicine.. LOL xDDDD but I LOVE LISTENING tOO.. whether it be a sad experience or a happy one!. i'm all ears, you can share tO me your secrets..*mouth zipped!. i wont tell anybody that's a promise.. - music . wooh!. i really really love listening tO music.. in short i'm a music lover whether its pop, rnb, opm, jpop, kpop, senti, love songs, alternative rock and others. i will still listen tO it definitely.. hahaxD- romance and comedy , i love stories, movies and even anime with that kind of genre!. i love it when the couple have some romantic scenes tOO.. - reading . manga in particular, i love reading with pictures! haha! i also love reading short stories tOO! but i sometimes get lazy reading it tOO.. hehe^^ comics and magazines are the thing i read tOO..- food . i love eating! from appetizers -- main course up tO dessert! yummy yum yum! OISHI ne!- sunrise . i just love it.. dunno why^_^- daydreaming . i dO that whenever i'm bored and there's no law forbidding it! LOLxD- dancing . my first love!- dramas . whether its filipino made, korean, japanese, taiwanese, american, australian. i'll be watching it but it should have a good story though!- quotations . LOVE IT!- shopping . thats a girl thing you know.. haha^^ it relieves my stress away..- nature . i love flowers!. i wish tO see a cherry blossom or sakura flower!- chocolates . i have a sweet tooth.- computer . where it all started.. haha, without it i dont have an imeem account especially the imeem friends i treasure.. special thanks tO you minna san^^- procastinating .. LOL.. i just love tO say.. "i'll just dO it tommorow.. then after it.. i still wont dO it.. HAHA xD
welcome to my profile!. wee!.i'm a tru blue aquarian who loves a lot of things. but they say i'm kind of person who is naive about other things, so if i dont know what you are talking about.. i'm open to hear what its all about!. hehei love to meet new people.. but i can be shy tOo sometimes so if i dont approach you dont be mad.. i'm just shy.. but i'm really friendly.. hihiknowing that there's nobody else exactly like me in this whole universe makes me feel unique and special. and it really makes me happy and grateful knowing that i am always sorrounded by my woderful family and friends. i'm a fun loving person, and i really enjoy making other people happy by making them laugh. i feel alive whenever i got tO watch a good show especially if thats ANIME!. i'm super an anime lover though other people dont understand me and tell me that i'm weird!. but though it turned out to be like that i'm also thankful that i have friends who understands me.i love tO smile but i can be moody tOo!. argh!. stupid mood swings i have.. sOmetimes i'm super happy then after a moment i just felt like i wanna keep quietT_T hehe!. but i do really like to talk a lot.. and i'm knida sensitive!. awww!. i'm such a cry baby and i wanna change that attitude of mine coz i cry sometimes just over a little thing!. but thats me!. hehe..i super love people who loves me and sees my worth as a person.. ahaha^_-and i appreciate all the things they have done for me!> i hate those people who criticize how i run my life.. people who just say things that hurt me.. people who keep trying to put me down & tell bad things behind my back.. i absolutely hate them!. hmmm.. anyways.. i love to chat!!!!! sO.. just give me comment!> i'll reply for sure..and Ooh.. if you know any good animes out there feel free tO share it tO me.. i will be glad tO if yOu dO.. heeheexDthere: if you really into knowing me just leave me a comment!. dOnt worry i'll reply promise!. or just read my comments.. hihi~i wanna meet you!. drop some comments before you gO!. thanks!.

Busy Busy Busy

Gaaaaaaah ._. i can feel it! HAHAH xD college spirit LMAO xD i am so busy for this whole week. kyaaa! i thought there'll be no classes every tuesday but my blockmate told me that we have NSTP:CWTS on that day err ;l i'm sad because i know for myself that i'm sickly like right now i have cough and colds :x tsk tsk. can;t help because of the weather it keeps on changing eww.. haha :]

oh well one of the things that will keep me busy is the magazine that we will make for our filipino subject. HAHA ;]] cool neh? ones in my life i'll gonna be a writer LOL :D the topic that was assigned to me was THE ORIGIN OF VALENTINES DAY since we were grouped by our birthdates i belong to the January-May group. hmm.. since i am an aquarius who was born in February i was assigned about LOVE! LOL xDD we all know that the main event during february aside from chinese new year is the VALENTINES DAY! hahah ;p are you excited? well i hope i'll be able to post my page here :D *crossed fingers* hehe xD oooh by the way, we will also be having our pictorial for the magazine on the 28th of November, that is saturday. pretty busy huh? HAHA xD waa! our deadline for the outline is on 26th wish me luck! i hope i wont be procastinating that time hehehe ;) plus we still have to make a christmas lantern it is a project in our CWTS subject. HAHA xD my right brain hemisphere will function again LOL :))

here are my latest peechures with my CADA! :P






and here are my SOLOs C;




my soar throat is itchy tsk tsk ;s i wanna watch the 7th episode of Kimi ni Todoke but i cant find any err :l

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hot issue

cant think of a good title but i was listening to HOT ISSUE by 4MINUTE HAHAH xD so i made it as a title LMAO xD wee!! i made a lot of improvements now in my blog :) hahah ;]] so happy! :D i miss blogging huhu T.T i was sooo busy with school that's why i dont have enough time. tsk ;l i dont have classes every tuesday which i prefer to be my blogging time haha :D though sometimes we have a meeting or seminars that are not planned but has to my attendace :l tsk tsk. that's why i'm having a hard time bedgeting my time Lmao xDD but it's reality. FACE IT!! hahaha ;]]

Do you want to know more about my course? I am enrolled in Polytechnic University of the Philippines and taking Bachelor of Science in Office Administration. My major is legal transcription which is for short STENOGRAPHY hahah xD here's a pic of what we are studying. take a look:

shorthand Pictures, Images and Photos

quite arabic ain't it? but it's not. it is Stenography or Shorthand :DDD wanna know more about it? try looking it in google :D HAHAH xD wish me to be good in this field because reality speaking i am really having a hard time ;l wish me luck ^___________^

i wanna watch Kimi Ni todoke :D i miss kuronuma! hehe ;]]

hmm.. many of my friends know that i am but a big ANIME LOVER lmao xDD HAHAHA!!
i love anime Pictures, Images and Photos

i do love ANIME :D :D :D and i'm not ashamed of it! HAHA xD it's more like i feel it is my passion :) watching those doesnt mean your childish :p bleh! haha ;]]

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tuesday should be my rest day :x

kyaaaaaa Q____________Q i thought every tuesday of this semester i won't be attending any class. tsk tsk i was in my school a while ago to attend some seminar about disasters etcetera. and i was very sleepy in our gymnasium i was really bored O_O hahaha :)) i do wanna sleep there HAHAHA :) but there was the professor roaming around there :O so i kept my eyes wide open tsk tsk. but before it :) we spent our free time taking our pictures ^^,V


Me, Myself and I HAHAH [waddya think?]


Left: danica, jester,lalane,ME,grammar :D


Left to right: Grammar, ME, Jester and Lalane :)

They are my college friends we love kidding around HAHAH :)) we both are stuck in our course and plus our major which is Steno ;l tho' i find them as my inspirations as well..

Oh well after that, The school had an Earthquake Drill.. and we participated as well. ^___^


then we went to eat in Dampa like what we usually do :) and after that we went to landbank to pay our tuition fee there :) it's nice when you have friends with you right? :D heehee xD then we stroll around the mall :) i bought slippers and they bought foods to eat in the food court :D we spent hours chitchatting nonsense with everybody! hahah ;)

okay okay i'm sleepy again. i'll be blogging next time :D see ya! ♥♥♥

Monday, November 9, 2009

Monday Sickness

HAHAH :)) monday sickness it is when you are lazy to wake up early in the morning LOL :D wuu! :'3 glad that i was not late. wuu haha if you only know how punctual i was ;) LOL xDD good thing there was NO TRAFFIC :) love it! ♥_♥

gaaaaaad :X we didn't d
o anything today tsk tsk because it was our first day for the 2nd semester we just had some "orientation" thingy :O what i just did was to chitchat and chat and chat and talk and talk and talk to my friends hahah :) i do admit to myself that i'm noisy especially that i have a loud voice :P haha xD for about more than 10 hours that's what i did :O haha :]] then the last subject came in . . . Politics and Governance w/ Philippine Constitution.

wuu :x the teacher was.... how do i say it?? strict? terror? waa! i was soooo nervous that my heart was jumping HAHAH *using my metaphoric expression* LOL :)) but that's what just i felt a while ago tsk tsk ;l thanks to my friends i was able to answer him correctly ^^,V all we did too was to have a little know-me-and-you hahaha :) he was a lawyer :O and he was a graduate from our school. COOL! ♥_♥ hehehe ;]] good thing he dismissed us early i was able to make my blog now ^^,V but then next monday, he will start the lesson and conduct a graded recitation wuu DO WISH ME LUCK THEN haha :))

i went to see judy's blog and read her blog about her birthday and about my guy bestfriend "Matt" her blog was sooo touching :) i'm sooo proud of her. i was about to wipe my teary eyed while reading her blog. i can feel her sincerity in it :) i believe you JUDY! mwa :*

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Star ng Pasko

LOVE it! ♥♥♥

Friend's Assessment


"At first sight, you will surely fall in love with her simplicity, her meekness and everything you've just seen. Wait until you get to know her, i tell you, you'll fall in love more.
Without going far from her very sweet yet mysterious name, Lorena surely got the brains to take you off to a place you've never been in. With her incredible wit, her strange thoughtfulness, and sweet sense of humor--not to mention the way she laughs so hard, as if there's no other joke funnier than what she just heard--you might think I'm describing someone so perfect that this person doesn't exists.

Well, I'm sorry, but there's more to say about this girl, and i'm so glad that she's one of my girl friends... who never failed to support me when i need her, listened to me when i speak, and loved me when im unloved.

It's always been a pleasure to be her friend, moreover to just talk about her... I'm so proud of Lorena for she made the very first speech that made me cry... And I really admire her strength, her love for her family, and her determination finish her studies--even if it requires to sacrifice her love life. Haha. Her being an NBSB is rather a gift, than a weakness, because she proved the world that to become your best at something, you must focus at it. She loves learning and wisdom, and so she have it. And in that way, she also proved that she loves her family and her future more than anything else.

Oh no, don't get me wrong, she loves God above everyone--everything else. She makes it a point that she'll go to mass every Sunday and participate. I believe that is the reason why blessings never stop from falling unto her--because she loves God, she glorifies God with everything that she does, and that's her secret to success.

Finally, she makes it a point to keep in touch with her big circle of friends, without hesitating to accept new ones. She is indeed a person worth knowing, because there's more than meets the eye--and in the case of my good girl friend Lorena, there are soo many secrets to unfold... God, there's just so little time. But she'll give everything for a friend... that's why we love her. :)"

sorry. late. huhu. busy eh. :( sana mabawi... :)

Judy Marie C. Santiago
BA Organizational Communication
University of the Philippines Manila


Friday, November 6, 2009

Poem made by Yuki :D

June 15

All those days, all gone by
Not seeing thee, face to face
Hoping one day, to thee I’d fly
All just to see, that bubbly face

So many days, all gone by
What have I got to say?
I miss you so much, am I about to cry?
Why do you make me feel this way?

Many Mondays, all gone by
With every passing one,
I long more for that smile
However, I am filled with sigh
But that warm smile is like the sun
It is sad; you live more than a mile
It is sad; more than a mile away
Why could we, together, not stay

And the other weekdays, all gone by
All these days, I never got to see you
Wondering, why did we have to say bye
Albeit, my heart, I knew

And the last days of the week, all gone by
To be together with you, I’d try
Many places I have been
Yet I still see you through a screen

6 months and 15 days, coming by
Centre of June, middle of every year
If you forget my name, you can call me yours
If I forget yours, can I call you mine?
As of now, the date draws nigh
I wish I could be there, or you be here
Perhaps one day we will be by those seashores
And perhaps this year, of years, shine.

If today
You feel gray
Then let me just say
Happy Birthday.

Keep up that warm smile! ^^

*yuki imy*

Sick ;l

waa! i wasn't able to attend my classes now :( huhuhu. i got sick. i dont have a fever or something. 7:00 in the morning my father woke me up to drink milk to help ease the pain. tho' i was irritated for being woke up early, i realized it was for my own sake too :'3 then, i went to Parañaque Doctors Hospital to have my stool exam. i still dunno what the results mean but i still have a scheduled check up later 12:30 pm so i'll be out before that time. Please do pray it's nothing serious :D well i believe it's not! HAHAH xD THINK POSITIVE :]]

I'm kind of busy even though i wasn't able to go to my university. hehe ;] you wouldn't imagine I'm sick LOL XDD i still have to go to another computer shop to print my Enrollment Voucher and to go to Land bank to pay my enrollment fee. hahah ;) and after that i have a party to go on to coz' just what i said yesterday, now is my LOLO's birthday. i wish i could all do that today :D hehe xD if i have enough strength :) right?

wee! i already have finished watching three episodes from KIMI NI TODOKE :) Kazehaya ♥ Sawako :]] LOL xD
i was moved because of my friends who are worried about my condition thanks alot! :D i lalalalalaLOVE yah ;p
hmm.. i have a big big big obsession now for kpopssss :D hahah ^^ if you do know one, update me :P

oooh my friend post this in facebook:


[click the picture to see FULL VIEW]
HAHAHAH xD I'm Über excited for NEW MOON :D :D :D

Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Sudden Cold day

A plain cold day for me today :O The rain was pouring very hard and i cant help myself to wonder "if i did brought my jackets would i feel cold today" LOL XDD HAHAH xD i'm being dramatic. that's not ME :)) haha :P actually i think i am not well literally. huhuhu ;l it's such a surprise or it is very peculiar to see a blood on your stool right? i already had thrice :O i mean i'm not saying things disgustedly but it is the truth :( hmm.. My parents was thinking that it is ULCER :x waa! i'm scared. i hope its not truet just something mild *crossed fingers* heheh ;]]

i already saw and meet our professor in MATH IN BUSINESS which is one of my subjects this semester :P ooh i think she's a very strict professor though i'm looking forward to learn alot from her :D hmm.. haha xD NO CHEATING AND BEING NOISY ALLOWED! :]] i only have three subjects this day but since its the adjustment period for this semester we only spent an hour discussing things needed for the said curriculum.

Know what, i appreciate my mother and father because they did call me when i was still in PUP, it was my lunch time and they did check if i already ate my lunch and if i ate fatty foods. i really love my family. hehe ;]]

I made this blog because i know it will be useful in the near future :P hmm.. do you know that i have a BIG WEAKNESS, . . haha ;]] you'll find it weird but i'm scared of escalators LOL :D :D :D are you surprised? nyaha :P i am as i am :O bleh ;p i dont have any bad experiences with escalators but i dunno why i get scared when i see them especially when it is very high :x

i guess i'm a bit talkative now. it's so nice to have a blog where you can tell your thoughts HAHAH :p so glad i made one ^^,V so YOU READING THIS if you still dont have one. MAKE IT NOW! LOL ;]]

When i woke up a while ago, all i hear was christmas songs ;P i soooo love christmas season :D hehe ;]] i can really feel the christmas spirit :D but we still dont have our christmas tree on our house tsk ;l We are a bit busy to assemble it now. but i know we will be able to make it :D hehe ^^,V kind of a family bonding :D tomorrow is my grandfather's birthday :D wee!! HE IS ALREADY 91 YEARS OLD :P nice one neh? hehe :D


i gotta go now. ;] thanks for reading ME bloggiie xD

Lorena ♥ her family and friends.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


i'm sleepy LOL XDDD

i'm watching KIMI NI TODOKE or Reaching you in english :) i love this manga because of kazehaya ^^,V nyaha :P he's such a good person and she has feeling for sawako too :'3 wee xD tho' sawako only knows that she's in love with a person who she cannot imagine being inlove with her too. but she didnt know that kaze kun has feelings for him too :D wee!! how sweet HAHAHA xDDD LOVE IT! ♥♥♥ TWO THUMBS UP! xD

oh yeah let's change topic. what did happen to me today? LOL XD this is a very tiring day maybe. because i assessed all the things needed for my enrollment, tho' only paying the miscellaneous fees :) it did cost alot already tsk tsk ;) but dont cha worry i am in a Public University so no worries for paying alot :D it doesnt cost too much like those who are in private ones :D i payed the things that must be payed for my school organization and payed the Chrnicler(that's our school's newspaper) and for the Central Student Council also. though i can say it was a tiring day, i had fun being with my college friends :D they were always there for me to support me :) most especially on STENOGRAPHY. i really am finding it hard in my major sunject and that is Shorthand :O hayyyy... but i'll take it as a BIG CHALLENGE HAHAH xD

gonna leave soon. hehe :) i want to sleep :] i woke up early a while ago :P same goes tomorrow. my first subject would be english ^^,V nyaha :P gonna be nosebleeding again tsk :O by the way, done watching the 1st episode of Kimi Ni Todoke :P i'll watch again next time :P *waves bye*

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


WEE xD at last bit by bit my blog is progressing nyaha :P

whaha :P pia left a message LOL :)) my purpose now to online was to print my SOG or summary of grades but all i did was to chat and chat in facebook. nyaha :P there were lots of people who was online and i was tempted to chat LOL :D but most especially because my best friend who was out of the country was online :D i missed her so much :(( i'm glad we had the chance to talk :P she's in Canada now. to be in specific in calgary :D hmm.. i hope she's doing well there :P hehe xD

oh well. i'm having a hard time printing my grades tsk tsk X_X what's the matter? why can't it fit? hayyyyy ._. school starts for real tomorrow,. waa!! new subjects for new semester :) LOL XD

here are my subjects:

OFAD 3053 Documents Production w/ Laboratory
OFAD 3063 Intermediate Shorthand
OFAD 3043 Introduction to Word Processing & Presentation
MATH 1133 Mathematics in Business
FILI 1023 Pagbasa at Pagsulat Tungo sa Pananaliksik
LITE 1013 Philippine Literature
POSC 1013 Politics & Governance w/ Philippine Constitution
ENGL 1023 Writing in the Discipline
CWTS 1023 Civic Welfare Training Service
PHED 1272 Individual/Dual/Combative Sports-Judo Karate

LOL :)) pretty shocking :P wahaha XD wish me luck! (Y)(Y)

okay i gotta go for now. thanks to CHIHAYA i got a twitter box here :P and to MIA for always there to help me out :P waa! i need to wake up early again starting tomorrow LOL :D

P.s Belated PIA!! xD mwatuups :*

Monday, November 2, 2009

I found it!

oye :D i found it! i found my chatbox HAHAHA :) success! wuu :P but my layout is still by blogger. tsk tsk. i still need your help :) hehehe Ü by the way. back to school on November 4, 2009. that'll be my first day in second semester. wonder what will be my subjects this time :) hehehe :p *curious eyes* whaha ^___^ waa! because of me being busy here, i havent seen my farm yet in facebook. LOL :)) but i like blogging more now :) i wanna learn how those codes work :P so to you all who are EXPERTS here.. I NEED YOUR HELP :P hehehe xD

@esther: how are you?
@chihaya: still need your help :)
@Mia: thanks for helping me out, tho' i still cant do it. nyaha xD i went doing it but i failed X_X tsk.
@ying: misyuuuu sis :P

To all: Good day and have a nice day God Bless ♥♥♥


waa! where's my chatbox? LMAO X_X i'm such a noob! LOL :P need a help! hahaha XD

okay! can someone tutor me about how to edit and customize my own blog? LOL :)) your help is highly needed! :) the banner that esther made for me is gone too :(( huhuh. i feel so bad 'tho a bit mixed emotions coz' i really wanna survive here LMAO. hmm.. well good day to all :)

Sunday, November 1, 2009


To all:


.: Profile Underconstruction :.

to all people who have helped me :D thank you so much! :) i myself wanna figure out how this works :D hahah :) okay let's start my very first post :D hmmm what can i say. yesterday all i did was to sleep, WHY? because there was no electricity tsk tsk how bad X__X hahaha :) luckily i have my cellphone with me. i just spend my free time texting ;P that was it. but then i was sooo happy that the electricity went back 7pm tho' its too late already nyaha xD it was still fine. :P whaha :) why am i speechless now. when i was outside i was thinking of what to write and i daydreamed alot! but now whaha xD i dont even know what to say! haha :P someday! i will know how to customize my own blog :) wee!! thanks alot to esther, chihaya and jairah for helping me out :) if you have facebook, friendster: just add me up

I am currently listening to BAD GIRL by BEAST! sugoi sugoi xD